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Harmonic Drive

Harmonic Drive System GmbH was established in 1970 in Langen, near to Frankfurt/Main. The continuous expansion of the company led to the transfer of the headquarters to Limburg/Lahn in 1988. Major investments in facilities, modern CNC machine tools and personnel followed. The development and production of customized drive solutions began. In 1998 further significant investments provided the basis for the production of gear components. In 2000 Harmonic Drive Antriebstechnik GmbH changed from a limited company to a joint stock company under the name Harmonic Drive AG.

In November 2006 the new Design and Technology Development Centre was opened at Harmonic Drive AG. With these measures in place, the stage is set for further echnological enhancements in the design and development of precision gears and actuators.

The unique Harmonic Drive operating principle continues to open up new applications in all areas of modern mechanical engineering. Our current product range reflects the application and production experience of more than 30 years with millions of precision gears in the field.

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